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‘DO NOT PUSH’ is another wacky installation from the Eccentric Events team bringing yet more craziness and excitement to the festival scene. This big, bright and brazen installation will catch the attention of naughty revellers who just can’t help but push that big red button. Sounding extremely loud horns, flashing vivid red lights and blasting the user with a jet of Co2 ‘DO NOT PUSH’ will startle and shock the unsuspecting victim who will wish they had obeyed the warning. 

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‘DO NOT PUSH’ is a metal frame construction using industrial grade mild steel box section with the outer shell built using moisture resistant mdf, painted in vivid blues and purples with question mark symbols creating a scene of mystery and curiosity. The installation stands at 2.5m tall, 2m wide and 2m deep, cladded with flashing beacons and horns this will definitely stand out at any festival. We plan on working with the event videographer and installing a GoPro or hidden camera on the wall to capture the moment people dare to push the button. This installation will be set on a timer meaning it cannot be repeatedly pushed over and only activated every few minutes, this cuts costs on Co2 use and will also create more confusion to the festival attendees not knowing when it will be activated next.